Courses designed to empower

Courses Designed to Impact Lives


This course seeks to help trainees understand the power of building the right mindset towards achieving anything in life. Our objective is to transform the minds of the trainees and help them with practical steps to move them from negative limiting beliefs and behavior, to building a positive mindset and attitude towards life, thereby dealing with their thought pattern, words, actions and having the right exposure and environment  for a positive change.


This course introduces participants to the concept of entrepreneurship and the need to build an entrepreneurial mindset and lifestyle. We train them to become employers of labour as against job haunting with the understanding that it’s achievable, if only they can conceptualize that vision/idea.


This course teaches the participants the steps to personal growth and development and encourages them to become better individuals by making significant changes towards maximizing their potentials.


This course is designed to help young adults understand how to make career choice/choices based on informed decisions premised on their gifts, talents and passion. This gives them that access to be ahead of their peers as they journey through life.


Participants are introduced to the concept of Leadership and are exposed to various leadership styles, attributes and qualities of an effective leader.


This course helps participants to understand, manage and control their emotions and that of others  for better inter personal relationship and team work.


Our mentorship programme is an opportunity to have a one on one interaction with individuals, during this session, we provide counselling, guidance and proffer solutions to their challenges in the area of self esteem, negative mindset, academic retrogression, career choice/ choices, career decline; which cuts across both psychological or emotional issues. These are very important areas of an individual’s life that can hinder them from achieving set goals.

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