Bedrock leadership academy is saddled with the responsibility of empowering young adults (secondary school students, undergraduates of various higher institutions, professionals in corporate organizations and members of different religious bodies) in Nigeria and Africa with some fundamental skills that will enable them build capacity to journey through life with ease.

At bedrock leadership academy our objective is to raise, inspire and nurture exceptional leaders in the society who will in turn become very impactful in their various spheres of endeavors.

Bedrock Leadership Academy

was birthed out of a need to help individuals discover, nurture & Conceptualize their Vision by maximizing their Potential for positive transformation.

Our courses are designed for three different cadres

Our training modules are designed for secondary school students from junior and senior classes (1-3), undergraduates of various tertiary institutions, professionals working for multinationals, private and public parastatals and religious organizations at various levels.

Secondary Schools

we focus on secondary school students, as an organization we believe in catching the young ones early enough, this informed our decision to start with the junior secondary classes (1 – 3) & senior secondary classes (1 – 3). We make them understand that there is a need for an individual to have the right mind set. A positive person has the tendency to achieve great results despite all odds. Success begins with cultivating “THE I CAN DO MENTALITY”.


we focus on undergraduates of various tertiary institutions, young adults who are preparing to step into the labour market, so they can be equipped with entrepreneurial and leadership skills (especially those who have the desire to become entrepreneurs).


we also focus on professionals who are willing to sharpen their skills whilst working for multi nationals, private and public organisations and members of religious organizations. This will enable them make informed decisions that will help better their careers, after their mind sets have been renewed positively. THIS IS WHAT BEDROCK LEADERSHIP ACADEMY STANDS FOR.

Our modules

Personal Transformation/ Mindset


Self Development

Career Success
Emotional Intelligence


The knowledge shared during the training sessions were of topnotch quality which cannot be quantified. The facilitators taught us how to develop a healthy positive mindset and build a career in the area of your gifts and talents. I am really grateful for the opportunity to learn and expand my capacity as an individual. It has been a tremendous blessing.
Akinsanya Oreoluwa
400L student, Unilag.
Bedrock Leadership Academy empowers young minds by exposing them to realities of life outside the four walls of the university. This academy strategically puts together training programs that inspire, motivate and stir up determination in undergraduates, teaching them new skills to become exceptional leaders.
Kachi Peter
400L student, Unilag.
During the training at st Finbarr's college by Bedrock leadership academy, I learnt the importance of having an excellent mindset and the power of positive emotions in academic excellence and in relating with my colleagues. In addition to this we were taught that even though your passion drives you, it is important to show commitment to self development in your career path. I am grateful to BLA
Sule Maxwell Ochoche
SS1 student, st Finbarrs college Lagos


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